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  • 3 September 2020
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Why should you attend this module?

Energy (positive or negative) is a direct result of how we manage individual needs, talents and overall purpose. The understanding of how these components work together enables you to increase the energy in your team. Energy needed to stay relevant and develop the business in a fast-moving world. How we as individuals charge energy depends on our preferences from being more introvert or extrovert. Learning more about your preference will increase the power of your leadership.

By attending the module Gain or Drain you will get a one-day F2F experience where we through different exercises will increase your knowledge and awareness around energy gainers and drainers.

“To become a really good leader you need to understand how you create your own energy, how you use that energy and how you transfer that energy to other people. We only have one life and life is short. We need to do a lot of good business, but we also need to take care of ourselves. Have fun, do good things and inspire, that’s what this course is about”, says Carl-Johan Hagman, CEO, Stena Rederi AB.

Step 2: Gain or Drain team day

If you have joined Gain or Drain you have the possibility to sign up for step 2; Gain or Drain team day. Why should you?

To become more successful as a team you need to be able to facilitate your team members and understand what motivates them. How can you use the strengths, so everyone becomes more successful and motivated in their daily work? How can you become better in canalising positive energy in the group and avoid negative energy to save time and prevent conflicts? During this session you will increase the knowledge of what motivates your colleagues and how you as a team can become even more efficient and successful going forward. All based on the result of your team’s motivation test.

In advance your team members will fill out a motivation test and when you meet you will get the result of the team. The team day is either a half day or a full day and will be facilitated by our external partner Edward Lynx.

Interested and want to know more? Please contact Linda Mickelson


Your participation matters

To reach the best quality of each module they are carefully designed by number of participants as well as the mix of participants. This contributes to optimize the effect and takeout for each participant.

Therefore, we want you to do your very outmost to avoid cancelling modules when you have confirmed your participation.

If cancellation can´t be avoided, please let us know five weeks before the start of the module which will give us a chance to replace you. A cancellation less than five weeks in advanced – a fee of 4000 SEK will be charge from your company.

Pre-work and time

For some of the modules pre-work or own study is required. Please pay attention to all detailed information as well as dates and time to safeguard your preparation and presence during the module. Also make sure you can attend fully throughout the module, both the virtual and the “face-to-face” modules.

Each module is designed to give everyone something, which means that depending on your experience and where you are in your personal journey different parts will contribute to your specific development. If something is not new to you, you can contribute to other participants learning by sharing your experience of failure or success in the matter.

Course program/layout

This is a one day face-to-face training, if no further information is given the training is held in Gothenburg, 08.30-17.00

Want to get a better insight of the module, listen in to this video below

Practical information:

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements for the module. If you need accommodation, please let us know by sending an email to Karolina.Lindblad.Lehmann@Stena.com

Further questions?

Practical information incl registration contact: Karolina.Lindblad.Lehmann@Stena.com

General Information, contact: linda.mickelson@stena.com 


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The modules in Ready 4 Anything are designed to make you as a leader even better equipped to meet the future leadership challenges we see coming with digital transformation. Read more about each module here on the site. To get the most out of each training we believe in a mix of participants from different companies and in different roles etc. To reach an optimal mix, it starts by you register your interest of each module.

As soon as we have a full module with a good mix you will get an invitation no later than six weeks in advance. If you can participate you confirm, and you are all set to go.

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Taking time out from your daily job to join an education is an investment in your personal development and in Stena’s future. We believe that to maximize that investment you need to plan for being away from the office physically and mentally (you might need to let people know that you will be away/talk to your manager if you need someone to cover for you while you are away). We also believe that if you lean forward, share your beliefs, knowledge, reflections and insights, not only you will benefit more from the training all your colleagues will too. Not a bad return on in the investment, right?

It is about co-creating your own and Stena’s future! Are you in?