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Exploring the golden minds

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  • 10 - 11 March
  • 12 - 13 May
  • 6 - 7 October
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Leadership challenge

Why should you attend this module?

To stay relevant and future proof our business we need to increase our speed of innovation and increase our level of creativity. We need to create new and different offers, in order to do that we need to think new and different, but how do we do that?

A powerful tool is to utilize the diversity in our group to its full extent. We need to have different competences, experiences and perspectives and styles of problem solving going forward. We need to work with diversity of perspectives on a more conscious and structured way than today.

When attending the Exploring the Golden Minds you will get a 2-day F2F experience packed with exercises and discussions, and you will leave with both new insights and concrete tools. The module starts off with how to become more aware about the diversity around you and the benefits of diversity. Also, you will be given the opportunity to look at you own blind spots to ensure that you create the needed diversity in your teams. Lastly, you will experience and learn how to facilitate people, processes and meetings to foster a culture where diversity prospers.

Sounds like some useful capabilities to master?

Course program/layout

Day 1: 8.30-18.00 with dinner and an evening task afterwards
Day 2: 8.00-16.00 please respect the end-time

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You are responsible for your own travel arrangements for the module. Hotel reservations will be made and you pay upon arrival.

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If cancellation is made after last registration date a cost of 6000SEK will be charged if you don’t find a replacer in well time. By late cancellation please send e-mail directly to Eva.hansdotter@stena.com and Karolina.Lindblad.Lehmann@Stena.com


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Exploring the golden minds

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Taking time out from your daily job to join an education is an investment in your personal development and in Stena’s future. We believe that to maximize that investment you need to plan for being away from the office physically and mentally (you might need to let people know that you will be away/talk to your manager if you need someone to cover for you while you are away). We also believe that if you lean forward, share your beliefs, knowledge, reflections and insights, not only you will benefit more from the training all your colleagues will too. Not a bad return on in the investment, right?

It is about co-creating your own and Stena’s future! Are you in?