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Envisioning the future

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  • 5 October - 3 November 2020
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Leadership challenge

Why should you attend to this module?

To stay relevant in a fast-moving world you need to think outside in and understand the increased complexity in the world around us. Update yourself with a broad perspective, not just from our own industries, new insights and learnings can come from unexpected places.

In the digital era it’s not enough to learn about the new technologies. We need to understand what new behaviors that will demand, we need to see possibilities in new business models and new ways of working. But we also need to understand what future scenarios we will stand against and how do we as a company create the most business value from it.

In order to be prepared and stay relevant in the future we need to increase the speed of learning and keep ourselves updated. We need to stay curious about what happens in the world to imagine the consequences different scenarios can bring, from geopolitics to technology trends.

With this module you will get an update, a broad overview of technology trends, digital effects and experience to explore opportunities based on different scenarios. You will practice your ability to be brave and think boldly around new business opportunities for Stena.

“This has something for everyone and excellent that we will have access to the material afterwards as well. I will continue to go in and learn new things.” – Mahesh Garimella, Director Northern Marine India.


Your participation matters

To reach the best quality of each module they are carefully designed by number of participants as well as the mix of participants. This contributes to optimize the effect and takeout for each participant.

Therefore, we want you to do your very outmost to avoid cancelling modules when you have confirmed your participation.

If cancellation can´t be avoided, please let us know five weeks before the start of the module which will give us a chance to replace you. A cancellation less than five weeks in advanced – a fee of 4000 SEK will be charge from your company.

Pre-work and time

For some of the modules pre-work or own study is required. Please pay attention to all detailed information as well as dates and time to safeguard your preparation and presence during the module. Also make sure you can attend fully throughout the module, both the virtual and the “face- to -face” modules.

Each module is designed to give everyone something, which means that depending on your experience and where you are in your personal journey different parts will contribute to your specific development. If something is not new to you, you can contribute to other participants learning by sharing your experience of failure or success in the matter.

Course program/layout

This is a complete virtual module where we will use Skype or similar. When signing up please reserve time in your calendar for self studies and group work during the weeks for the module.

  1. Startup workshop
  2. Self-studies/group work during 3-4 weeks
  3. Summary workshop

Do you want to know why it’s important to sign up. Listen in on this video below:

Practical information:

Since this module is virtual no travel arrangements are required.

Further questions?

Practical information incl registration, contact: Karolina.Lindblad.Lehmann@stena.com

General Information, contact:


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The modules in Ready 4 Anything are designed to make you as a leader even better equipped to meet the future leadership challenges we see coming with digital transformation. Read more about each module here on the site. To get the most out of each training we believe in a mix of participants from different companies and in different roles etc. To reach an optimal mix, it starts by you register your interest of each module.

As soon as we have a full module with a good mix you will get an invitation no later than six weeks in advance. If you can participate you confirm, and you are all set to go.

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Taking time out from your daily job to join an education is an investment in your personal development and in Stena’s future. We believe that to maximize that investment you need to plan for being away from the office physically and mentally (you might need to let people know that you will be away/talk to your manager if you need someone to cover for you while you are away). We also believe that if you lean forward, share your beliefs, knowledge, reflections and insights, not only you will benefit more from the training all your colleagues will too. Not a bad return on in the investment, right?

It is about co-creating your own and Stena’s future! Are you in?